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ESports 101


325000000$325 Million Global Revenue for 2015

463000000$463 Million Projected Revenue for 2016

Sports, but with Video Games

Most Popular eSports

3600000036 Million Watch League of Legends' World Championship

18000000$18 Million Dota 2's The International Prize Pool

This is big

Just like there are dozens of traditional sports, there are similarly dozens of esports, and like sports, a handful of games capture the lion's share of viewer attention.

Each game requires a unique skill set to compete at a high level, ranging from strategic thinking under pressure (Hearthstone), to reflexes and muscle memory (Call of Duty), to a combo of both (League of Legends).

There are professional players and teams, and competitions take place all over the world with prize pools that are comparable to or larger than those of "traditional" sports.

For Influencers

Sponsorship Opportunities

We will connect you with high quality sponsors, negotiate agreements on your behalf, and help you design custom programming to keep them happy

Relationship Management

We will manage your ongoing relationships with sponsors to ensure they are getting what they need in terms of program design, progress updates, and performance metrics

Personal Branding Support

Our experts will provide coaching and technical assistance on tailoring your stream, your image, and your social media assets to generate maximum appeal for your viewers and sponsors

Promotional Events

We will arrange for personal appearances at eSports events (e.g., tournament hosting or casting), media events (e.g., interviews) and corporate events (e.g., onsite streaming, tours, speaking engagements) to increase your exposure

Our Influencers Have Accumulated:

33662117 Total Followers

15133906 Twitch Followers

15068401 YouTube Subscribers

Some Influencers We Work With


Followers: 804427

Followers: 138327

Subscribers: 479359


Followers: 1035300

Followers: 123858

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Followers: 468429

Followers: 74457

Subscribers: 69319

Brian Kibler

Followers: 278122

Followers: 83876

Subscribers: 434959

We connect brands with the most renowned content creators in the esports industry

For Brands

Talent Acquisition and Management

We will find the talent with the best fit for your brand and manage the relationship to make sure you are getting the maximum value for your advertising and sponsorship dollars.

Program Design and Execution

From conception to delivery, our team will create custom campaigns tailored to fit your needs. Campaigns will be designed based on your preferred demographic, budget and length.


Using a proprietary tracking system, we will provide detailed statistics on Twitch viewership performance at the conclusion of every campaign

Industry Access

If you want to go beyond individual sponsorships, we can help provide access to professional eSports teams, tournament venues, leagues and game developers